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Personal Professional Support

Mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual problem solving

  1. Mental

    This area of work regards to difficulty people face when they get mentally stuck and don’t know how to get out of their imprisoned thoughts and are unable to move forward in life. This is one of most tricky and intricate parts of one’s progress that must be tackled in order to break down rigidity and bring about fluidity and creativity thought processes to infuse movement in one’s life.  You will know that this is what you need to look at when you encounter same old patterns of behaviour or experiences. 
  1. Emotional

    This area of work regards to all aspects of emotional and state control difficulty people are battling with and are usually unable to understand their emotions or are experiencing   overwhelming emotions they find difficult to control, for instance anger turning into destructive behaviours and unhealthy even risky habits.
    Learning how to take control of one’s emotional wellbeing, having full state control and emotional understanding is one of most important parts of ones development as a mature individual and will bring you peace, happiness and life success. You will know you need to look at this area if you often feel overwhelmed with emotions you find difficult to control or you don’t understand them for instance feeling empty, or sad or feeling rage towards for example your ex or your boss or even yourself. Taking control over your emotions will give you power and control over your thinking and your experience of life will be infused with feelings of love, happiness and strength.
  1. Physical

    This area of work regards to all aspects of physical wellbeing where weight issues are tackled by looking at individual life style and nutritional habits. In addition there may be developed action plans to reduce or increase weight and calories intake whereby physical fitness could be overviewed.   
    Having years of experience in physical fitness and martial art Mind Artist is well equipped to help you with your physical wellbeing and overall physical health and what you can do to improve it.  
  1.   Financial

    You can agree that financial wellbeing is one of most important areas of one’s life that must be mastered if one wants to have stress free living.
    Most people find hard to even look at this area of their life yet if they would take their time to learn how to take financial control their life would improve tremendously.
    There are also much of emotional baggage in regards to money and how one looks and feels around money. One’s belief system around money might be faulty and needs good overhaul to bring about sanity.
    Having experience in personal financial management systems  Mind Artist possess expertise around money and how this effect all aspects of one’s life and how to take financial control and fast.
  1.   Spiritual

    Many people are very confused about their spirituality and find difficult to connect with their internal world, this causes them to lack fate, hope and causes them difficulties in internal and external world.
    Our spiritualty is very personal to each of us regardless to religion we may belong to or not.
    This work is about helping you establish inner connection with your inner life and find way to your inner truth and what guide all your behaviours and action.
    This might be one of most important works we must look at if we ever desire to find true spiritual enlightenment and freedom.
    Awaken and trust your inner voice.
  1.   Small Business Support

    Running your business can be very rewording although at times our business may be experiencing difficulties, at those times we need support. There are many reasons why our business faces difficulties yet what is mostly evident is that if the owner has right mind set then his/ hers business will benefit mostly in addition sharing concerns with a professional can improve chances of business success.
    If starting a business is a new experience for you, there are many things you'll need to learn. Some tasks will be easy; others seemingly impossible, but even your mistakes will offer valuable lessons.
    Having a professional point of view of an experienced business coach will improve your chances of success.
    It is worst feeling to hear yet another story where someone has open new business, invested all their hard earned cash yet to close business within 2 to 12 months, this is so hurtful.
    Mind Artist provides support for business owners who are coachable and are willing to invite outside opinion to improve not just their business but themselves as well.

“Some roads aren't meant to be travelled alone”

Mind Artist Coaching Support

Mind Artist NLP coaching?
A chief aim of Mind Artist NLP Coaching is to help you to resolve what is stopping you being your best because without resolve everything else is drift from what is most important. By finding clarity you will find confidence to walk through challenges whatever they might be.
Mind Artist NLP Coaching is not about fixing people it’s more about helping people discover their own inner resolve and giant within. It’s about planning way forward and finding inner strength to do so.
It’s also about helping people finding their inner joy because without experience of pure joy life can slurp our happiness out of even strongest of people.
It’s also about self-acceptance and understanding because it is very difficult to move forward if we can’t accept who and what we are regardless to our history.
Having support from Mind Artist will give you encouragement to move forward with the plan and accountability to keep you going at your own pace and direction after all it’s your life. Take control.
Getting started with Mind Artist Coaching
The decision to engage in a coaching relationship is one of the best decisions anyone can make because who else can:
  • Help you clarify your vision and goals.
  • Support you through your fears.
  • Keep you focused.
  • Confront your unconscious behaviours and old patterns.
  • Expect you to do your best-and hold you to it!
  • Help you live by your values.
  • Show you how to earn more while working less.
  • Keep you focused on your core genius 
Coaching is also about intentions, honesty, trust, and specialist coaching processes. As you can imagine, there are several steps to begin this journey. First, is to learn about my NLP Coaching practice. Second, is ensuring I am the right professional for your needs.
At start, I offer a free 15-30 minutes contact session over the phone or Skype for clients who are considering working with me. During this time we can discuss your goals and I can share with you my approach to coaching and change work. If we agree to move forward together, there will be several steps to ensure that our relationship as coach and client meet your goals.
As part of the decision to work with me, most clients want to know about:
  • Scheduling and Pacing
  • Rates for Service (Please see my Rates Page and Focus Coaching below, thank you)
  • Expectations (This will discuss at contact session)

Scheduling, pacing and the time commitment
After agreeing to work together we will schedule 60, 90 or 180 minutes Coaching or Change Work session to establish what your needs are, to identify blockages or remove them and to plan way forward. Initially, I suggest 2-3 sessions per month, whatever time and availability permits. As we solidify your goals, and you gain momentum on your strategy's we will adjust the meeting schedule accordingly. 
Please note:   
All pre-paid bookings ad programs expire after 12 month of purchase date. Programs and pre-booked sessions are none-transferable.

Cancellation Policy
I have a 48-hour cancellation policy. If either of us needs to reschedule we should notify the other person 48 hours in advance via phone and email. Clients who do not honour this policy will be charged for services.
Enrol on a Mind Artist
Coaching Program Now

Focus Coaching and Change Work

Why would you choose to buy whole program instead of single session or block of sessions?
Good question, and answer is that very reason you might consider purchasing the program is because you will receive free change work connected to your particular concern you might be struggling with for instance confidence and it is much more cost effective for you as my client and it’s very focused on one particular challenge so it’s faster to resolve and move you forward.
Please take your time now and look which of those programs will suit your need to make an easy decision in what direction you wish to go, thank you.   Please ensure you email me that you have purchased the program so we can make arrangement to start you on your journey to success and set up dates and times for your coaching, thank you.
Programs are priced individualy, please choose below:
Life coaching
Do you feel like you have lost your direction and your life has gone into the ditch or you have just lost your spark? This program is bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Life coaching program is an investment in you and it will benefit your entire life.
This program runs continually until you improve areas of life you want to improve, this can be anything from few sessions to 6 to 12 month or even longer term. Time you spend on this is entirely up to you and your needs. 
This program is for people who are wishing to overhaul their life and increase their life satisfaction. Do you want to improve your life performance? This is a straight forward look at your life whereby we look at what areas of your life you wish to improve to which we then make an action plan how we going to get you there.
Remember it’s your life. Take control.
Programs offered: 
1 month only coaching: 4 sessions x 60minutes each cost £300 
3 month coaching: 6 sessions (2 per month) x 60minutes each cost £450 £400 save £50
6 month coaching: 12 sessions (2 per month) x 60minutes each cost £900 £750 save £150
12 month coaching: 24 sessions (2 per month) x 60minutes each cost £1800 £1500 save £300
Unstoppable - Confidence Builder Program
This program is for people who are lucking in confidence or who wish to increase their confidence levels. We all are born confident then somehow we lose this god given right, find out why and how you can get it back. Afraid, cowardly, depressed, doubtful, fearful, indefinite, meek, pessimistic, sad, shy, timid, uncertain, unsure, weak; if you feel any of those on consistent bases then this work is something you might want to look into. Do you want to feel: bold, convinced, courageous, fearless, hopeful, positive, self-assured, self-reliant, sure, upbeat, unstoppable…
This program is 3 month term where you will receive 8 x 90 minute sessions £900 £750 (save £150) Program includes any change work for free and any additional guidance and resources you might need. You can purchase this program now via PayPal, thank you.  
                    Unstoppable Confidence
Attract –Personal Attraction program
Become irresistible. This program is particular for men and woman who feel less attractive with opposite sex or are having difficulty around attracting their life partner. If you feeling discouraged and are experience self-hate or low self-esteem around your looks of feel inferior around people especially around someone you are attracted too, this program is for you.
This program gives people personal identity and unique style and brings forth their character and flair to infuse not just attraction for opposite sex but also increase attraction for themselves and increase self-love and self-care. Do you want to feel: allure, appeal, attractiveness, interest, allurement, captivation, charm, chemistry, gravitation, magnetism than contact me and let’s get to work.
                    Become irresistible
Creative confidence
Are you trying to live a successful creative life yet you have career concerns, creative blocks, inner issues, relationship issues, or are you experiencing existential and spiritual crises, and you are faced with a gamut of challenges that come from wanting and needing to create?
Being practicing visual artist myself and an effective NLP coach I am aware of the big picture, human nature, personality structure, the psychological makeup of creative individuals, the problems inherent in the work creative individuals attempting, the shape of the different intellectuals and art marketplaces, and list goes on…
I, as a coach will join you where you are as one human being to another and one creative person to another. I will listen very carefully to what you are expressing, and I will then makes observations and suggestions while we together resolve blocks in your way and make and follow action plan for your success.
This program is for anyone who is experiencing creative plateau and needs a little push or someone who don’t have believe in their creative abilities.
  • Tap into your creative ocean of infinite ideas
  • Develop your creative instinct and imagination
  • Get over your creative blocks and disperse fear of failure
  • Develop a daily practice of creative thinking
  • Devise an action plan and stick to it
In my mind, creativity is life itself, it’s our birth right; without it how possibly can we be free.
Programs offered: 
1 month only coaching: 4 sessions x 60minutes each cost £300 
3 month coaching: 6 sessions (2 per month) x 60minutes each cost £450 £400 save £50
6 month coaching: 12 sessions (2 per month) x 60minutes each cost £900 £750 save £150
12 month coaching: 24 sessions (2 per month) x 60minutes each cost £1800 £1500 save £300

Wellbeing  (physical and emotional fitness)
Wellbeing program is an approach to understanding wellbeing rather than simply focus only on physical health. This program is aimed at people who would like to develop their understanding and practical skills to achieve their own wellbeing.
  • Have you tried ‘everything’ and nothing has worked?
  • Are you are struggling with obesity, weight gain and yoyo diets?
  • Are you lucking fitness and your nutrition is questionable?
  • Do you feel you need support around your overall wellbeing and your physical and emotional fitness?
This program offers solutions for your overall wellbeing. Here we will look at your condition and reasons behind. We will look at your eating and physical exercise habits and overall lifestyle and how we can help you improve and discover true life fitness and wellbeing.  
This is where we get real.
Are you ready to get best out of you and your life?
Programs offered: 
1 month only intensive coaching: 4 sessions x 90minutes cost £448 
3 month coaching: 6 sessions (2 per month) x 90minutes cost £540 £500 save £40
6 month coaching: 12 sessions (2 per month) x 90minutes cost £1080 £950 save £130
12 month coaching: 12 sessions (2 per month) x 90minutes first 6 months then 1x90min once per month cost £1620 £1400 save £220
                       Wellbeing  (physical and emotional fitness)
Mind Artist is continually developing new programs and resources. If you have challenge that is not represented here please let me know, I am sure I can find a way to help you.
This page is updated regularly so please keep checking on new developments, thank you.
In regardless if you have purchased any of my programs or sessions I sincerely wish you very best of luck in your pursuit to life of happiness, good health and prosperity.
“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”
Helen Keller, (The Open Door)
“After break up of my marriage I was bit confused about my life and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I was also struggling with obsessive behaviours this is why my friend suggested I try coaching with Ivan (Mind Artist)
After having several very successful coaching sessions I have started to feel benefits immediately after each session. I felt like all my heavy burdens have lifted from me and I felt much lighter, happier and first time in years I have stopped obsessing.
This has helped me a lot, I see world completely differently and I think differently.
I have stopped having unnecessary arguments because I have much more control over my anger and my language and I feel much more grown up.
My teacher is a lovely man who is very polite, peaceful and very calm, he makes me feel very relaxed and I feel I can discussed anything with him without being judged or ridiculed.
Ivan knows what is he doing and has lots of knowledge he has helped me change the way I see things.
It’s very nice to do this work as I didn’t know how easy it can be; now I do.
Now I have control over my obsessions I am happy to continue to work with Ivan on my future goals and challenges and I am happy to recommend his work to anyone.”
Beata from North London

"Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows."
Pope Paul VI