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  “Today I am in control because I want to be. I have my fingers on the switch, but have lived a lifetime ignoring the control I have over my own world. Today is different.”  ― A.S. King

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  Mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual problem solving   
Mind Artist
Dip. NLP master Practitioner 
Dip. Performance Coach
DIP. Advance Psychotherapy
Dip. Social Care Practitioner 
EFT Practitioner 
PRO Personal  Trainer
Martial Arts Instructor
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Hello there!
Welcome to Mind Artist, space where you can end
your personal struggles and find emotional and life’s freedom, guaranteed.
Let’s be honest with each other...
“Unless you are financially free, your love life, career and health are fully charged perhaps there might be something you are missing on…”
Are you in a situation where you are thinking?
  • No matter how hard I try I always sabotage my success…
  • I feel like I don’t deserve it, like I’m not worth it…
  • I give all and still my relationship sucks…
  • This things happened to other people...
  • I have lost my confidence. How can I get it back?
  • I work so hard to become best version of me yet it’s never good enough…
  • It’s the scariest thing in my head…
  • She will never like me...
  • He is too good for me...
  • I hate myself...
  • What is wrong with my business, why I am not making enough money
  • How is it that I am such looser...
  • I am always broke, why?
  • Why I never achieve my goals, I always fall short...
  • Why I am always so angry?
  • Why I am such mess?
  • I really need to do something about my financial situation…
  • Why I can’t get slim, I feel horrible…
  • I don’t even like myself or my life any longer...
  • Why I can’t get organised, my space is such a mess...
  • Where I am going wrong?
  • I know I can do it but...
  • I feel stuck…
Do you feel you deserve more out of life and out of yourself and it’s just something you are struggling with?
Ever wondered what is standing in your way?
Are you in the dark playing hit and miss with your life?
Stop, there is a better way.
  Perhaps it is the time you Experience the Power of Mind Artist Coaching 
  and stop missing out in life.
Become your best, take control now!

Discover what’s stopping you, what’s in your way and what you will do to be all you can.
Choose your new direction and get empowered  
   Find your answers

If you are someone who wants to be honest with yourself and have a life changing conversations that create change; go ahead and book yours,  no strings attached, consultation session right now. Do this before your situation drowns your inner voice.
Let me ask you, what else are you going to do to give yourself permission to having life deliver this wonderful opportunity and to feel like you have reached your goal and you are now the best you possibly can be?
What would you like your new life to be like?
Create your new life and build your new self, after all if not now, when?
What will Mind Artist do for you?
Mind Artist can

Start Your Personalized Transformational Journey Today…
The Ultimate Coaching Experience

Feel stuck in a rut?
It's time to take control
Enrol on a Mind Artist Coaching Program and...
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By having Mind Artist as your support you have taken a big step forward in boosting your life with more possibility, freedom, and achievement! We congratulate you for being within 1% of population who takes action; this tells lot about you.

 Ivan LOVRIĆ | Mind Artist 

  Educator, Visual Artist and Entrepreneur
MIND ARTIST: Executive and Personal Coaching
PRETTY UGLY & Associates:  Visual Art Entertainment
PHYSIQUE: Fitness and Nutrition
CHIKUNDO: Martial Art/ Spiritual Awakening 
ANXIOUS MONEY: Personal Finances Systems (Education and Training)
SOCIAL CARE: Frontline Support
MRAK ENTERPRISES: Small Business Coaching and Consultancy 
Who is Mind Artist?
Mind artist is someone who helps people find their own inner truth and embrace it and gets the blocks out of the way and make the seemingly impossible happen.
With Mind Artist you will get the answers you are looking for alongside actionable steps, practical applications and most importantly real results.
Suddenly a whole new world of possibilities is opening up for you.

"Amazing how you did unfold some of my blockages and made me realise with few words how overreacting/over-thinking I was about my goals."
                                                                       Ivo from London
Welcome to Mind Artist!
My name is Ivan Lovrić, I am a principal NLP Coach and Trainer at Mind Artist. I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for trusting me with your time and energy. I promise it will be WELL WORTH IT!
I am very excited to begin this journey with you and I am looking forward to getting to know you better in the coming months.
Mind Artist.co.uk is created in order to best serve you. We do this by very simple looking at your current position, where you wish to be and what is stopping you right now in being all you can be and having all you dreamt to have and achieve. As you can imagine, how many people have taken their dreams with them when they depart from this world- Mind Artist is ensuring that this doesn’t happen to you.
Mind Artist upholds none-judgemental and highly ethical position geared purely to serve you as our client. Being person cantered holistic practice specialised in helping people to find direction, remove obstacles and becoming highly empowered with encouragement from Mind Artist everything quickly becomes possible.
If this is your first time to coaching and change work, I highly encourage you to visit page about our style of helping people, using coaching as our favourable modality.     
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via contact page, thank you.
I am looking forward to getting you where you want to be.
Mind Artist

Action is the foundational key to all success.
                                                                                                    Pablo Picasso

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